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Andy plays his first game of the 2nd edition of Five Leagues From the Borderlands, the dark fantasy solo game by Nordic Weasel available as a PDF from Wargam.

Here's the complete details for both books. Five Parsecs from Home (184 pages, $30 hardcover, $20 in PDF , November 2021) — cover and art by Christian Quinot Five Leagues From the Borderlands (232 pages, $46/£35 hardcover/$20 in PDF , July 2022) — cover and art by Christian Quinot. Welcome to Borderlands 3. For those curious about the solo fantasy miniatures game, Five Leagues from the Borderlands , I have posted my 2nd ed. campaign at BoardGame Geek. There are a number of small expansions for flavor. For those who prefer sci-fi, there is the original game, Five Parsecs from Home, and a new post-Apocalypse rulebook, Five Klicks from the Zone. "/>..

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Reclaim land from monstrous beings in the newest edition of the dark fantasy miniatures game, Five Leagues From the Borderlands. The Third Edition of the miniatures game sees players commanding their warband to enter into the shadowy lairs of sinister fey beings in order to take them out and gradually rescue their home from their clutches. With.

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